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People Just Do Nothing

Critically acclaimed mockumentary taking us behind-the-scenes of Kurupt FM - West London's 'second best pirate radio station.'


A high concept family sitcom starring beloved stand-up Greg Davies and Hollywood actor Taylor Lautner.

Tyger Takes On…

Tyger Drew Honey investigates the modern-day challenges of growing up as he explores some of the key issues that affect young adults and teenagers in Britain today.

Top Coppers

Top Coppers follows the adventures of cops John Mahogany and Mitch Rust, as they attempt to rid the fictional world of Justice City from its deranged criminal underworld.


Supermarket sitcom centering on the lives of the staff in fictional ‘Valco’ in Warrington. The show takes a comic look at this most familiar setting and its rag-tag band of employees, under the stewardship of soft-centered manager Gavin Strong.

World's Craziest Fools

Mr. T takes a look at some of the craziest clips from around the world. Watch as tyres, alcohol, and people’s general stupidity lead to some very funny accidents.


One of the fastest growing and most prolific independent production companies in the UK. Producing outstanding comedy and entertainment for all major broadcasters across the UK and internationally.

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