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Tyger Drew Honey investigates the modern-day challenges of growing up as he explores some of the key issues that affect young adults and teenagers in Britain today.

Tyger is plunged head first into the lives of those he meets on his journey as he explored ‘Porn’, ‘Body Image’ and ‘Love’ in series one and the blurring boundaries of 21st Century sexuality and sexism in series two.

Tyger ‘Feel Like a Woman’

Tyger’s transformation is almost complete in Manchester where young people are reinventing the drag act.

Tyger and Brooke

Tyger goes out on the town with Brooke, a 20 year old transgender women in the tough fishing community of Peterhead, Scotland, where she has been subject to almost daily verbal and physical abuse.

Sexism Placards

Tyger ‘and friends’ test the double standards common in language when it comes to everyday sexism.


Tyger hits the campaign trail with ‘Justice for Men and Boys’ political party – but things quickly go awry