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Who’s On First is a new feature film production company specialising in mainstream comedies with a transatlantic twist.

Building on their success combining UK and US talent for television shows like Cuckoo (BBC) and Fugly (Sky Atlantic), co-founders Dan Hine and Ash Atalla will continue to champion the best voices and brightest ideas – this time for the big screen.

The company takes its name from a famous Abbott & Costello sketch, a legendary skit about a baseball team that set the benchmark for all wordplay-related comedy that followed. It is both the question and the answer.

Dan Hine – Managing Director


Dan has worked as a writer and producer for more than 15 years. He was formerly Head Of Comedy at Roughcut for more than five years.

In that time, he produced Cuckoo, which broke the BBC3 ratings record when it launched in 2012. He also made shows for NBC and HBO in the US, and executive produced Top Coppers (BBC) and I Live With Models (Comedy Central). 2016 brings Fugly, a new comedy drama series for Sky Atlantic, which Dan will continue to executive produce for TV alongside his film duties.