Adolf Hitler: The Artist


A comedic imagining of the odd, slightly angry, teenage Hitler as he struggles to gain a place at art school in Vienna. If only his artistic genius had been recognised. 

Adolf Hitler is portrayed like never before in this satirical comedy starring Iwan Rheon (Games of Thrones) and Rupert Grint (Harry Potter). It reimagines the megalomaniac dictator as an 18-year-old oddball who dreamt of nothing other than becoming a famous painter. Having failed to get into Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts, he moves to the Austrian capital. However, not one to let himself go, he soon finds himself irritated by his opium-taking, schnapps swilling fellow artists and their sexual experimentation. Comedic in its approach, this historically-accurate story follows young Hitler, before politics and war, when he was nothing other than a teenager with a temper, strange dress sense and desperate ambition to become an artist.



Ben Edwards


Dan Zeff


Alex Smith

Executive Producers

Ash Atalla


Iwan Rheon

Rupert Grint


Sky Arts

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