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Will they? Won't they? Should they? Shouldn't they? Smothered, is a not so typical rom-com. Starring Danielle Vitalis and Jon Pointing in a tale of two worlds colliding, where romance blossoms but the pressures of modern dating linger.

Sammy is a fiercely independent young woman who is done with dating apps, sick of immature men, and here for a good time. Tom has never been inclined to swipe left or right; he's a settled man with a warm heart but carries his fair share of baggage. On a night out, the two strangers meet, and end up singing out their drunken souls in a karaoke booth. Then the inevitable happens. (They hook up). 

What seems like a great idea at the time, the strangers agree to have a no strings attached affair for three weeks - but on the condition that they never speak again. Sounds simple, right?  However, what was supposed to be a few weeks of great sex, pasta in bed and first names only, the sparks flying around them cannot be ignored. But Sammy soon makes a shocking discovery that there is another woman in Tom's life... his six-year-old daughter Ellie.




This comedy is an utter joy… A show that combines giddy, heart-eyed rom with hectic, biting com to enchanting effect

The Guardian



Monica Heisey


George Belfield


Lauriel Martin


Ash Atalla

Alex Smith


Danielle Vitalis
Jon Pointing    
Aisling Bea
Self Esteem (as Rebecca Lucy Taylor)
Harry Trevaldwyn
Tessa Wong
Amber Grappy


Sky Comedy

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