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The show’s second season picks up after the wake of season one’s finale. Tim Renkow is back. Having been previously forced to return to the US, he’s now enrolled himself on a post graduate course in London. Not that he has any intention of actually going. But a student visa means he can stay in the UK – where he intends to wreak more havoc. Milking the discomfort his cerebral palsy creates in others, and pushing the boundaries of what he can get away with for his own amusement.

"Still the most outrageously un-PC comedy on TV"

"Tim Renkow's sitcom about a disabled character is bags of fun and can get away with things that others might not dare attempt"

"It’s hard not to admire Tim Renkow’s commitment to being as dark as possible as Tim, a man with cerebral palsy who also happens to be a cynical narcissist"

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