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Sky Comedy Shorts

We’re very excited for you all to see what we’ve been working on this summer with Sky Arts. We’ve created 4 brand new Comedy shorts featuring top comics including Kris Marshall, Susan Wokoma, Sindhu Vee and Samson Kayo.

Kris Marshall: Whodunnit?

Kris Marshall stars as Max Bartlett, the pampered lead actor in popular TV detective drama, Middle England Murders. When Max is given the wrong pudding at lunchtime, he knows someone must have taken his beloved chocolate fondant. Everyone on set becomes a suspect and Max must turn detective for real to find out whodunnit?

Samson Kayo: New Blood

Samson Kayo stars as Maleek, a maverick London paramedic with a god complex and an unpopular vlog. When his regular partner goes off his sick, he's forced to work with happy-go-lucky northerner Wendy (Jane Horrocks). On their first shift together, Maleek tries to school Wendy in his unorthodox methods.

Susan Wokoma: Love the Sinner

11-year-old Joanna tries to understand grief for the first time when she witnesses her mother’s manic reaction to the death of Princess Diana, whilst trying to use the incident to get out of Sunday School.

Sindhu Vee: Live and Let Love

Gita’s sister Preeti and brother in Law, Ronnie, are visiting from India. Preeti has become determined to have an affair whilst in the UK, signing up to a dating app, whilst Ronnie has become a newly devout (and celibate) Hindu. Gita attempts to cover for Preeti whilst she prepares to meet a date.

Now available to watch on Sky on Demand!

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