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Bloods is returning to Sky for a second series. Six more 30-minute episodes of the paramedic sitcom have been ordered, with production resuming in London this month.

Created by and starring Samson Kayo, with Jane Horrocks, and a supporting cast that included Julian Barratt, Lucy Punch, Adrian Scarborough, Aasiya Shah, Sam Campbell and Kevin Garry, Bloods was written by Kayo's co-creator Nathan Bryon and Paul Doolan, airing on Sky One in May and June.

Focusing on the partnering of swaggering but insecure Maleek (Kayo) with over-friendly northern divorcee Wendy (Horrocks) as they attend a never-ending succession of 999 calls, the first series ended with the mismatched ambulance crew reconciling after delivering a baby.

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